Green Space around Surugadai Building

Walk southwards down Hongo Dori from JR Ochanomizu Station to reach the building, standing tall in the student town of Kanda Surugadai in Chiyoda, Tokyo, an area where old samurai residences once lined the streets in Edo period. Green space can be found not just around the ground level but at the lower rooftop where forest, park and garden sparks off its green.
Rich in green, this is "Surugadi Building Green Space".
Surugadai Green Space, with an area of 7,091m2 and a green space ratio of 41%, has been working to preserve biodiversity with the aim of forming an ecological network with the Imperial Palace and other surrounding green spaces. In October 2023, Surugadai Green Space was certified as one of OECMs (Other Effective area-based Conservation Measures) by the Ministry of the Environment. OECM is a system in which the national government certifies "areas where biodiversity is preserved through private initiatives". With this certification, it is registered in the World Database on OECMs.

Aims of Surugadai Building Green Space Activities

For Surugadai Building to merge with the surrounding community and prosper together, we promote:

  • activities that energizes the area with the community
  • activities that consider coexistence with the ecosystem
  • Sustainable green space maintenance

as the basic principles. It is in our wish to enrich the local environment together with the community, connecting through "green", a precious find in the metropolitan area.


more details

Provides detailed information on rooftop greening at the Surugadai Green Space and the heat island mitigation.

Places of interest

The rich greenery attracts rare birds despite an urban surrounding and has become a haven of relaxation for employees and neighbors. We invite you to take a look, as there is plenty to see, starting with a rich variety of seasonal plants.

Guidance of visit

Please visit freely within the following time.

Opening time :
March-October 10:00~17:00
November-February 10:00~16:00
  • *Closed on weekends and holidays.