Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd.

Please contact the desk below for enquiries concerning requests for the notification, disclosure, correction, etc., and discontinuance of the purpose of use, etc. of retained personal data in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (including individual numbers and specific personal information) (hereafter, the "Request for Disclosure, etc.").
We reserve the right to verify the identity of the claimant, who will be required to complete the prescribed forms and the application procedure. In principle, responses to requests will be given at a later date. At the time of responding, we will require claimants to pay the standard fees for any requests for disclosure. Please note that responses to your request may not be immediate.
If we discover that information about the claimant is incorrect, we will make corrections based on the results of our investigation.

1. Procedures for Request for Disclosure, etc.

  • (1)Contact

    Please contact the desk below.

    Contact Office
    Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited Customer Desk
    Telephone Number: 0120-632-277 (toll free)
    Business Hours: 9:00-18:00 (Monday through Friday)
    9:00-17:00 (Saturday, Sunday and Holidays)

    • * The office is closed during the year-end and new-year period.
  • (2)Documents, etc. required for a request

    We will send a specified request form to a person who intends to make a Request for Disclosure, etc. Please complete the form and send it to us. Please also submit the following documents, which will be used for verification of identity.

    • 1) For requests made on the person’s own behalf
      An authentic copy of your seal registration certificate (within 3 months of date of issue that includes current address) or a copy of a document issued by a public institution, such as driver's license and passport.
    • 2) For requests made by a representative

      Please submit all of the following:

      • Letter of Proxy
      • An authentic copy of the person’s seal registration certificate (within 3 months of date of issue that includes current address)
      • An ID of the representative (an authentic copy of their seal registration certificate, a copy of a document issued by a public institution, such as driver’s license and passport, a copy of a written order for commencement of guardianship, a copy of certificate of registered matters concerning adult guardianship, or any other document that permits identification of the representative)
  • (3) Fee

    We will charge fees for sending documents, etc. as our response to a request for “notification of purpose of use” or “disclosure” of retained personal data. Please enclose postage stamps equivalent to 1000 yen along with the documents you mail us in relation to your Request for Disclosure, etc.
    If the stamps are not enclosed or the amount is insufficient, we will inform you to that effect. If payment is not made within a specified period, we will regard the request as not having been made.

2. Regarding our response

Once we have received a request, we will confirm and investigate the details of the request. In principle, a response will be made to the person at a later date using a method selected in accordance with the claimant’s preference, such as in writing, mailing of external storage media, including CD-ROMs, or electronic mailing. When the request has been made by a representative, the response will be made to that representative.
We may be unable to respond to all or part of a request if a response to a Request for Disclosure, etc. is likely to harm the life, body, property, or any other rights or interests of the person in question or a third person, seriously impede the proper execution of our businesses, or violate other laws or regulations. In this case, we will respond with an explanation as to why we cannot cater to the request.