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Automobile insurance

0120-258-365 (Toll-free)

Fire & Accident insurance

0120-258-189 (Toll-free)

OkurumaQQ-Tai (roadside assistance)

0120-096-991 (Toll-free)

  • *Please contact the above dedicated number directly. Do not contact other roadside assistance providers.
  • *Please be advised that this service may not be available depending on your policy details.
Available languages
English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Burmese, Khmer, Thai, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Nepali, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian
Reception hours

Provide accident response to reassure non-Japanese speaking customers

To have non-Japanese speaking customers feel reassurance, we will provide service from the accident report until the payment for the insurance claim, with an interpreter.
We will also provide this service when the other party of the accident speaks foreign languages.