We provide space and hold regular sales of products made by handicapped people free of charge in our buildings throughout the country.

Sales of products made by handicapped people in the Osaka Yodoyabashi building

At the dining floor at the Yodoyabashi building in Osaka, we took orders for sold cakes and cookies etc. made by NPO Together, a non-profit organization for handicapped people. The revenue is used for services and support for persons with disabilities.

People with disabilities work at a NPO caf?in the lobby of MSI building in Nagoya

Since 1993, we have been managing Caf?Iris located on the 1st floor of our building in Nagoya, with the partnership of Space 21 who provides support to people with hearing and intellectual disabilities. MSI provides space, furnishing, and utility expenses free of charge, and the NPO uses the revenue for its various activities.