The Park serves as a space for recreation and relaxation.
From the rooftop Garden, you can see the monument "Red Dragon" by Kyubei Kiyomizu. Enjoy the contrast between the red and the surrounding green.

  • To the Park
  • "Shuryu" by Kyubei Shimizu
  • Olive
  • Surugadai-nioi
  • Company employees resting at tables and benches

Main Activities

2004 Athens Olympics Memorial Tree Plantation

Our employees who succeeded at the Olympics planted olive and cherry blossom trees. To commemorate this, we also developed the plaza area.

  • Reorganized as the memorial square
  • Our company employee who participated the Olympics. they planted olives and cherry blossoms.

2004 Summer Holiday, April 2005

  • Coverage by mini journalists of Chiyoda Children's Town
  • Cherry-Blossom walk hosted by Kanda Gakkai

Flowers and plants of each season

  • Spring
    (From left) Azalea, Tulip, American Dogwood, Chinese Ground Orchid
  • Summer
    (From left) Bottlebrush, Hemerocallis, Hydrangea, African Lily
  • Fall
    (From left) Chinese Quince, Japanese Anemone, Maple, Burning Bush
  • Winter
    (From left) Christmas Rose, Camellia, Crested Leopard, Toad Lily, Chrysanthemum