The Garden is open to local residents and our employees to be enjoyed growing vegetables and flowers. It serves as a “rooftop Kleingarten” nurturing communication space.


  • 20 compartments, each 8m2 Lease period is one year.
  • Opening hours 6:30 - 18:30 (Weekends and Public Holidays 7:00 - 17:30)

Inquiries on gardening : 03-3297-4004 (Global Environment & Community Relations Section, General Affairs Dept.)

  • * Currently full. Contact to be added to waiting list.
  • You can enjoy gardening in the Garden.
  • Vegetables like eggplants, tomatoes, green onions, and green peper are grown here without pesticides.

User's Testimonials

Yasuko Suzuki(Horticulture school lecturer and garden designer)

"As part of the class, I use the Garden on rooftop of Surugadai Building to grow flowers, plants, herbs and vegetables. With good sunlight and air ventilation, this spot makes it ideal for plants."
Photo [right]: Mrs. Suzuki's handmade compost. You put remainders of pruning and trimming and weeds in here to turn them into fertilizer.
The idea is to do a recycle-oriented gardening.

  • Yasuko Suzuki
    (Horticulture school lecturer and garden designer)
  • Handmade compost

Eco-Products Farm

Born out of a collaboration between environmental event “Eco-Products Exhibition” and Surugadai Green Space. Herbs such as mint harvested from the Garden have been used for herb tea and other dishes at a cafe at the exhibition.